Friday, 15 February 2008

More Wedding MC Help

More echoes of our advice on being a wedding mc:

  • Find out what your duties are and get it written down and agreed with the bride & groom.
  • Get yourself organised with a running sheet.
  • Don't steel the limelight - be the oil that lubricates the wheels.
Three good tips we fully agree with.

Wedding Emcee Tips

More tips on being a wedding emcee.


Most Wedding MC's Need Help!

Do you know that most people who are asked to be a wedding mc accept the job not knowing what the job entails. Sure they've got a vague idea. BUT it takes skill and know-how to pull of a success. Here's a really good article: 10 Sure-Fire Tips for a Wedding Master of Ceremonies.


How To Scew Up A Wedding

One way to screw up a wedding big-time is for the wedding mc to get it wrong! It's easier to make a mess of things than you might think. But the good news is if you read this article on 7 Sure Fire Ways To Mess Up Being A Wedding MC then you're sure to be prepared and will avoid a disaster.

Wedding MC Tips for Introducing The Speakers

One of the most important things the emcee has to do well is introduce the speakers. For a few good tips on getting this right, check out the following article on wedding mc tips.

3 Sure-Fire Wedding MC Tips

When a relation or a close friend asks you to be their wedding mc this is certainly a great honor but it also places considerable responsibility on your shoulders. After all you have just accepted the request to be the master of ceremonies for the reception. The success of the celebrations very much depends on you.

Here are some top tips to help you be a success as the wedding mc.

1. Clearly Identify Your Duties As The Wedding MC
The mc is at the helm for ensuring the various events planned for the reception happen in an orderly manner and according to the agreed plan.

The duties of a mc are not set in stone. It very much depends on the type of reception and the part the bride and groom want you to undertake. You must therefore sit down with the couple and agree, in as much detail as possible, the duties you will undertake.

2. Assemble A Running Sheet
Planning is vital if you are to make a success of your role. The only way you can keep the nerves under control is to know exactly what happens when and where and who’s involved.

You need to prepare a running sheet that shows, minute by minute, what is to happen when, where and with whom.

And you have to liase with all the leading participants to ensure they know what they have to do and when. For example, do all those making a speech or toast know how long they have to speak for?

You really do need to put a lot of time and effort to make the role of wedding mc seem easy and natural.

3. Don’t Try To Be The ‘Star’ Turn
Let’s be very clear. You are not part of the reception entertainment. You may organize some games as a means of helping the guests mix and, yes, you can tell a light hearted joke when introducing a particular ceremony. However, you are not a stand up comedian or a ‘star’ performer.

A successful mc is unassuming letting the limelight clearly fall on the bridal couple.

Always remember that on the day there is only one chance to get it right. You certainly cannot re-run the reception. So you really cannot afford to be without You Can Be A Wedding MC. It’s the must-have manual that has everything you need to know about being the mc at the reception.

One Final Tip - Do you want to:-

  • Learn wedding mc jokes and one liners that are sure to amuse, not offend, the guests;
  • Plan correctly for your wedding emcee role;
  • Be organized with templates covering all the duties of a wedding master of ceremonies;
Then check out this guide to being a wedding mc.